Just swell: Indie TSS Waves released

waves thumb

Yes, it's another psychedelic twin-stick shooter - but Waves does just enough to rise above the current crop of move 'n aim games. As reported on RPS , it's just been released by developers Squid in a Box for £5.94 , complete with a Steam code. If you're not ready to pony up the cash you can download a demo and see what it's like. Clue: it's a lot like other twin-stick shooters.

Waves is powered by Unreal Engine 3, so it looks pretty damn nice, even if it did make my laptop heat up to the melting point of the sun. There's also a slow-mo mode for when things inevitably get too intense. I do like slo-mo, but I still think the only game to get it right is FEAR. When you slow everything down, bullets should travel at the same speed they normally would. That's basic physics.