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JRPG Stranger of Sword City rated for PC

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Stranger of Sword City

The ESRB has rated (opens in new tab) Japanese dungeon crawler Stranger of Sword City for PC ('T for Teen', if that's really why you're reading). Stranger of Sword City was ported to PC in Japan in 2014 and is expected to arrive on Western PS Vitas March 22, but the existence of an English PC version has been hearsay until now.

Stranger of Sword City was among the games leaked (opens in new tab) on the Steam Helpdesk Support system and picked up by SteamDB in December, but as they also include Half-Life 3, it's hard to accept without confirmation. Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, which appeared in the same batch, looks to be a sure thing (opens in new tab).

Sword City follows a plane crash survivor struggling to survive in an alternate dimension and branded the chosen one by its inhabitants. Yup, that sure sounds like a JRPG, and it marks a trend of Japanese publishers paying greater attention (opens in new tab) to Steam and Western PC owners.

Thanks, Gematsu (opens in new tab).