Joe Danger and No Man's Sky devs suffer Christmas flood

In sad news, an attack of severe British sogginess has afflicted Hello Games, creators of tricksy puzzle racer, Joe Danger, and more recently the exciting interplanetary exploration game, No Man's Sky. "Oh god. Water moves really quick." read a tweet yesterday from the Hello Games Twitter account. "Everything in the office has pretty much been lost." In spite of the damage, the team have met the news with typical good cheer.

Moments later...

Sympathetic Twitter responders have been sending messages of support. "Man fuck water" says one. "I can't believe Joe Danger is fucking dead," said another. "Got any pics of the devastation?" asks one concerned party. "Oh no :( Hope you haven't lost anything too valuable," says another.

Having visited the Hello Games offices, I also fear that their pretty sweet bean bags may also have been lost to the floods. Water continues to be a total dick across the country as Hello Games rebuilds. We wish them all the best.

Tom Senior

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