James Bond: Blood Stone trailer shows manly punching

Bond is back

Remember the days when Bond would solve his problems with a raised eyebrow, a quip and a couple of rounds from his silenced PP7? Forget about that guy. The old, Martini-sipping cad is dead, and has been completely replaced by Daniel "I am a tank but also a man" Craig's more impersonal brand of man-punching. The latest trailer for 007 Blood Stone only serves as another nail in the coffin for the roguish old Bond.

I have a theory that says James Bond and Sam Fisher are becoming more and more like Batman with every outing, all following the same morally dubious "I'll do whatever it takes to uncover the truth and defeat the end boss" mentality. I'll hold up this trailer as evidence, partly because Bond's counterattacking, bone-breaking viciousness reminds me of Batman: Arkham Asylum, but also because Bond seems to beat up Sam Fisher at around the 17 second mark, which makes me wish for a cross-over game starring all three crime fighters. Here's the trailer.

Tom Senior

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