InXile boss Brian Fargo hints at a Starflight reboot

Starflight was originally released by Electronic Arts in 1986, and without overstating things in the slightest, it was brilliant. It was one of the first sandbox games, turning players loose in a huge (relatively, anyway) galaxy filled with planets to explore, resources to mine, and alien races to deal with, all of it lying on top of a story that required some real effort to uncover. I loved it—it's one of those game that I occasionally think about and wonder why it's never been picked up for a remake. 

Cue inXile head honcho Brian Fargo, who recently weighed in on a Twitter conversation about how Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifices threatens to delete your save file if you die too often. When a user noted that Starflight was even harsher, Fargo tweeted, "We need a Starflight remake!" And when someone else asked if inXile was making one, he replied with this. 

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An inXile rep said that Fargo had no further comment on the matter, so that's the end of that. But it's interesting, strictly academically, that Wasteland was released by EA in 1988, just two years after Starflight, while the first Bard's Tale came out the same year as Starflight—and oh, look at that, it was also from EA. InXile is working on a new Wasteland and a new Bard's Tale game right now.

It's might be nothing, but for those of us who fell in love with the original, it's something.

Andy Chalk

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