Interstellar Marines shares up for sale

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Upcoming sci-fi FPS Interstellar Marines has been having the fan community involved with its development for some time now. Fans have been able to buy 'support medals' at $5 a medal, with the money going towards the development costs of Zero Point Software's game. Well now the community can get their hands on something more substantial than a medal, in the form of company shares. Read on for details.

Gert Haar-Jørgensen - co-founder and majority shareholder of Zero Point Software - has announced at the game's official website that he will trade some of his shares in the company to those possessing a large number of Support Medals. This move is his own idea and not that of the company. The deal requires players to have over twenty medals, and for every additional 10 medals, Haar-Jørgensen says he will "personally transfer 10 of my ZPH shares."

"In the end I would rather share the potential upside, with the ones that truly matter; You - the IM community - than selling big chunks to "suits" that do not share our passion for games!" explained Haar-Jørgensen as to the reason behind the idea.

For those who wish to take up Haar-Jørgensen's offer, the deal ends May 31.

[via Big Download ]