Intel is getting the team back together as it hires another engineering veteran

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Another Intel veteran is returning to the company in a real-life 'getting the team back together' moment for Intel. Sunil Shenoy is returning as senior VP of Design Engineering Group (opens in new tab), after heading off to SiFive in 2014 after a 33-year stint at Intel.

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Shenoy's appointment marks the third high-profile hire for Intel in recent weeks. First, there was engineering lead Pat Gelsinger set to take on the role of CEO (opens in new tab) from mid-February. That seemed to tempt back Nehalem lead architect Glenn Hinton out of retirement (opens in new tab), with the promise of a "high performance CPU project" to get working on. 

Now, Shenoy joins the new Intel rabble, which is really the old Intel rabble renewed, and will oversee "design, development, validation, and manufacturing of intellectual properties and system-on-chips (SoC) for client and data center applications". So most of the gear we're interested in, then.

“Sunil is a proven engineering leader who has deep experience in microprocessor and SoC design and R&D,” Bob Swan, outgoing Intel CEO, says. “His experience inside and outside of Intel will enable him to combine the best of Intel culture with an entrepreneurial spirit and fresh perspective as we work to strengthen the company’s technical leadership team and to coach and develop a new generation of technical talent.”

Shenoy heads off from his most recent role as senior VP and GM of RISC-V at SiFive, where he was working on bringing the RISC-V instruction set architecture to market in custom silicon.

There's quite the job ahead for all the new arrivals at Intel, however. The company undoubtedly has tough times coming up, that which will require some careful and clever planning to overcome—especially in the face of its many rivals.

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