Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet out now for PC

Twin-stick shooter/puzzle hybid Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet has made its way to the PC at long last. You control a UFO that uses a variety of weapons and gadgets to survive in a beautifully animated alien world, with a distinctive design by artist Michel Gagne. Like Cave Story or Metroid, it's about gradually pushing back the boundaries of an expansive open map - but unlike those games, there's also a strong emphasis on finding new ways to use your powers, rather than just unlocking new ones.

The 2011 Xbox Live release picked up a BAFTA for Best Debut Game last month, against the likes of L.A. Noire, Bastion, and Rift. It's available now for £11.99 on Steam , but be warned that it uses Games for Windows Live. If it's any consolation, the PC version comes with the Shadow Hearts co-op DLC included.

Chris Thursten

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