Infinity Ward to play 24 hour charity gaming marathon for Children's Miracle Hospital

On October 20th, the Infinity Ward team will be sitting down at their computers for 24 non-interrupted hours of gaming - not for fun, but as part of the Extra Life project to raise money for the Children's Miracle Hospital and kids suffering from cancer, cystic fibrosis, injuries from accidents and not being able to pay for the treatment of such things. Teams can choose their own games and platforms, with hospitals that can benefit from all this gaming scattered around the world.

Click here to send them your donation or read on for a few more details.

The page doesn't specifically say what game they'll be playing, but we can probably hazard a guess it won't be Medal of Honor: Warfighter. The whole event will be livestreamed from the studio, with regular giveaways for donators - including prestige coins for Modern Warfare 3 and the chance to call the shots when they set up their matches. The example given is "Rockets only? Sure!" For bonus points though, see if you can get them to spend an hour or two playing The Ship instead - for no better reason than because it was a great game that frankly deserved a little more love.

Other teams will also be taking part in this year's event of course, and if you want to take part more directly, you can register here - as well as see who else might be up for your support.