Incredipede trailer pulls limbs out of an eyeball and makes it walk in a creepy but awesome way

Incredipede is an indie puzzle game that "celebrates the vast diversity of life in the world" by letting you pull bony limbs out of a giant green eyeball, and then fasten muscles to its twisted joints to create a monster capable of traversing 60 increasingly perilous levels. It's disturbing and strangely beautiful, and I can't wait to play it.

The eyeball has a name: Quozzle. Its staring iris betrays nothing of its suffering or joy as the player in the latest trailer forces it to climb trees and stomp over lava flows. Early levels will let you experiment with basic limb structures, but advanced worlds will let you "stretch her into new shapes to better navigate her surroundings. Long arms can reach up high to grab ledges, while many feet make for faster crossing over dangerous terrain." You'll want to see what that looks like, I imagine. Step forward, young trailer, and show us your stuff, so that we may giggle, or cry at the sight of Quozzle's flailing.

Incredipede is made Colin and Sarah Northway, a husband and wife team backed up by artist, Thomas Shahan and a bunch of music artists listed on the Incredipede credits page . This is due out in October, and will be hitting Steam Greenlight when that goes public. Find out more on the Incredipede site .

Tom Senior

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