​Immerse yourself in the new LG 21:9 curved monitor

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Imagine gaming on a crystal clear display that curves around your field of vision. The LG 34UC97 does just that, delivering crisp gaming performance in vivid colours across an expansive 21:9 curved surface area. See the world race by in your peripheral vision in F1 2015, and catch flanking foes in Counter-Strike on LG's state-of-the-art super widescreen panel.

The 34UC97 IPS display delivers top-class colour consistency at excellent viewing angles, so you can be sure that games look exactly as their creators intended. The screen gives you more space than two standard 16:9 monitors combined, but without a bezel interrupting the image. The flicker free display also reduces eyestrain, and the monitor includes a reader mode that provides an easy working environment between gaming sessions.

Whether you're gaming on PC or console, the LG 34UC97's multiport ensures maximum compatibility, furnished with two HDMI ports, two USB 3.0 ports and a Displayport. It's deluxe champagne gold back cover will make your gaming setup look great too, and the gentle curve will let you enjoy your games with maximum visual comfort.

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Beyond gaming, the LG 34UC97 provides a productive environment for graphic designers and photographers that demand the highest visual quality from their displays. The stunning colour expression extends to the very edges of the screen, and the generous screen real estate delivered by this 34-inch panel is perfect for multitasking across multiple applications. When you want to kick back and enjoy a movie, you can enjoy spectacular HD performance in super wide 21:9.

In short, why have two standard displays when you can have one? A single screen means fewer distractions, and the wraparound display means greater immersion, especially when you're camping in the bushes in Arma 3. or mustering your troops in Total War. If you're feeling brave, and fancy some 360 degree entertainment, you can always buy twenty screens and replicate the setup featured in this video.