HyperX’s Predator DDR4 memory sets overclocking record at 5,608MHz

HyperX does not offer the fastest DDR4 memory kits on the market, but it does currently own the record for the fastest overclocked memory, courtesy of professional overclocker TOPPC punching a Predator DDR4 module to 5,608MHz.

More often than not, we see G.Skill touting record overclocks, and sometimes Corsair. Both companies make some of the best DDR 4 RAM available. HyperX, a division of Kingston, perhaps deserves to be the in the same category.

"The Predator DDR4 lineup caters to the next generation of PC enthusiasts looking for the best possible performance from their system," said Paul Leaman, vice-president HyperX EMEA.  "Our HyperX engineers continue to focus on improving high-speed yields to get faster products in the hands of our customers and push previously unattainable performance records."

There are always caveats that come with this sort of thing. As is often in the case in record overclocking attempts, hitting 5,608MHz required exotic cooling, and specifically liquid nitrogen. This was also performed on just a single 8GB module and not a dual-channel (or quad-channel) kit.

It's still impressive though, and it shows that HyperX is capable of cranking out higher frequency kits, which it plans on doing. While that may not seem all that difficult, it takes careful binning to sort through chips in search of ones that can maintain ultra-high speeds.

At present, the Predator DDR4 line tops out at 4,133MHz. However, HyperX says it provided TOPCC an unspecified "sample" module for the record overclock, and is planning to launch new 16GB kits (2x8GB) at 4,266MHz and 4,600MHz in the second quarter.

Paul Lilly

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