Endless Space update adds Automaton faction and other player-chosen features

The super-slick 4X space strategy, Endless Space, gained a new faction overnight. The Automaton were designed by Endless Space player and community contest winner, Panzer. His idea was voted on by fellow players using Amplitude's Game2Gether system. That lets players sign in to vote to decide on what the devs should work on adding next. The last vote offered a choice between random events, faction homeworlds and the ability to destroy entire star systems. Guess which one won (hint: the one with all the bombs).

The latest update implements a number of voted-on features, including a trade routes sum-up section and "custom faction affinity" which lets you choose any art for your custom faction. Pore over the full list of changes on Steam News , features with a [G2G] note next to them have been voted for by the community.

Rich enjoyed Endless Space' sublime interface when he reviewed it for us saying that it "streamlines empire-building better than any other." Read the full verdict in our Endless Space review and find out more on the Endless Space site .

Tom Senior

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