How to spawn unlimited dragons in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

[VAMS id="ruQtxDcPRmxq9"]

Remember back when we told you Skyrim had unlimited dragons ? That was pretty cool, right? So it's a shame you usually only see one or two at a time during the game. The magic of console commands, however, will let you fight as many dragons as your PC can render without exploding.

As you can see in the video, I get about a dozen dragons in the air at once, all while maintaining a decent framerate (the stutters only appear on the video). Check inside for how I did it.

First up, BEWARE. Messing with the console can disable your Skyrim Steam achievements (though mine still work fine after trying this). If you like seeing those achievement messages pop up, don't try this.

If you don't care about achievements, the process is simple, activate the console by pressing the ` or ¬ key in the top left corner of your keyboard and type in:

player.placeatme 000FEA9B

Then hit enter, exit the console and a dragon should appear. If you want more than one you can simply hit the up key in the console to copy the last command, be sure to run around a bit when you're doing it though, summoning multiple dragons in exactly the same place tends to crash the game.

Don't forget to check out our other Skyrim console commands , I used god mode (tgm) here to make sure I survived long enough to get you this video. Thanks to Duncan Harris for letting me know the right commands.