How to get to the best killing spots in Black Ops multiplayer

Best hiding spots in Black Ops

The best bit of Black Ops is its online play, and the worst bit of that is getting shot in the back of the head by someone hiding in a spot you didn't know you could get to. Now that Treyarch have improved the freezes and lag for many of us (it's fine on my machine now), it'd be nice to be the guy doing the back-of-the-head shooting rather than the back-of-the-head getting-shot-in.

Enter redditor Haggle , who's been putting together a great series of clips that show you where to climb, run and jump to get to some of Black Ops' most inaccessible and surprising places. Some of these jumps also show you alternate routes to sniper holes, so you can surprise the camping twat on a ten kill rampage by bursting in through the window and throwing a tomahawk into his spine. Here are the most useful jumps on six maps.





Firing Range


If these have been any use to you, drop by Haggle's Reddit submission and upvote it. And for anyone who missed it, earlier today we did a round-up of the funniest, silliest and most ridiculous kills people have got in Black Ops so far. God bless Theatre Mode.