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How the internet has reacted to World of Warcraft Classic

World of Warcraft Classic
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World of Warcraft Classic has finally launched and Blizzard's servers have been inundated with people looking to relive the days when the classic MMO was slow, boring, and difficult. Queues have been the hottest topic of its rather rocky launch, with players patiently waiting in line to kill monsters. But that's not all the internet has been talking about. It has also been talking about these things.

Metzen returns

Warcraft veteran and former Blizzard guy Chris Metzen has been playing the game he helped create and seems delighted to be back in the Azeroth of old.

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And my axe

 On Reddit, the medium of Lord of the Rings was used to express frustration at the game's overstuffed servers.

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Making friends

Players have also been delighting in how wholesome vanilla World of Warcraft feels, such as in this message from one appreciative player to another. Now that's heartwarming.

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Easy mistake to make

On the official World of Warcraft classic forums, people have been discussing the ways in which they've messed up, because even veteran players can make mistakes. 

And for some players, that's just part of the classic WoW experience. 

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Go to bed

On Reddit, user Norineclypse has some suggestions about how to make the server UI more accurate.

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Brothers in arms

And through all the turmoil, the Alliance and Horde have found some common ground to bond over.

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Strong feelings

On the official forum people are discussing what their WoW Classic experience has been like so far.

And some players are realising that maybe their nostalgia has betrayed them a little. 

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Welcome back

On Reddit, user Bandaid6 was welcomed back to Azeroth in a very World of Warcraft manner.

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