How long is Far Cry 6?

Antón Castillo in Far Cry 6
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How long is Far Cry 6? Ubisoft's latest doesn't differ greatly from the previous games in the open-world wreck 'em up series, so if you were happy with the amount of time it took you to take down the cultists of Montana in Far Cry 5, for example, you'll be content here. Of course, given the series' freeform structure, there will be wild variations in play time.

So with this Far Cry 6 length guide you'll find out how long you'll be wreaking havoc on the island of Yara.

Far Cry 6 length: Typical of the series

The time it takes to see the credits in Far Cry 6 will naturally vary depending on how you play it, but don't expect it to vary too much from previous games in the series.

Our Deputy Guides Editor, Lauren Aitken (who wrote our Far Cry 6 review) spent around 25 hours playing the game. However, that included some of the optional objectives—of which, predictably, are plentiful—that complement the main story missions. Meanwhile, she says that if you drop the difficulty and power through to the end, it could take you between 15-20 hours. Then, for players that want to see and do it all, 30-35 hours is what you're likely looking at.

But what will you be up to in your time with Far Cry 6? As Yaran liberator Dani Rojas, you'll have vicious dictator, Antón Castillo, in the sights of your CD player gun that blares out the Macarena for some reason. But before you can get to him you'll be reclaiming heavily-guarded outposts—stealthily or with a rocket launcher in your backpack—hunting down even more ridiculous weapons, and befriending a sausage dog named Chorizo.

Just in case you have any difficulty playing the game when it arrives, stay tuned to PC Gamer as we produce guides on grabbing unique weapons, Cryptograma chests, and more.

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