Hotline Trail: a free '80s endless rider that you should play

For all its gruesome acts of rhythm violence, maybe Hotline Miami's lasting impact will instead be one of trippy visual distortion and ace tunes. That's a damn fine legacy to leave. Hotline Trail doesn't feature brutal murder, ruminations on the nature of violence as entertainment, or a stupid stealth section. Instead, it's got a wibbly camera, some cool electronica, and endlessly twisty top-down roads. You can play it for free in your browser. And you should .

Developed by ' Rezoner ', the game starts you on a bike, then calls out upcoming hazards - from slaloms to roundabouts - which you'll need to navigate. It's simple stuff, but as with all great endless runners, the desire to improve is a compelling thing. Especially when it's wrapped in such a stylistically attractive package.

Head here to play Hotline Trail . Given that these things are always better when you have a target, my top score so far is 251.2 miles. I can guarantee someone will have trounced that within minutes of me posting, so pop your much better achievements in the comments.

Phil Savage

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