Hitman takes aim at a food critic in the last Elusive Target of 2016

The final Hitman Elusive Target for 2016 is not a mass murderer, or an internationally-wanted thief, or even Gary Busey. In fact, he's almost entirely unremarkable. His name is Wen Ts'ai, and he's really just kind of a jerk. 

Wen Ts'ai is a food critic with a "sadistic" attention to detail, as the briefing trailer explains, who appears to take a particular joy in lobbing devastatingly bad reviews at restaurants. Restaurateurs loathe him, and it's easy to see why: Describing his experience at one eatery, he said, "There are monkeys that drink their own effluence. They have a better experience than I did at The Singapore Food Market." 

You might think at attitude like that rates maybe a punch in the mouth, tops, but somebody, somewhere, has decided he needs to die for it, and they're paying good money to make it happen. And you, as the professional with a gun and a bar code tattooed onto your head, don't get to decide the merits of the job. Your only role is to get it done. 

The Food Critic is in play now in Bangkok, where he'll be for the next seven days. After that, he's gone for good. Details are up at hitman.com, and you can read some year-end thoughts about the game—Andy Kelly chose Hitman as his personal favorite for 2016 right here.   

Andy Chalk

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