Heroes of the Storm tourney will pay winners' college tuition

Heroes of the storm video header

Today Blizzard announced a Heroes of the Storm tournament for US students that offers to pay college tuition fees for the winning team for "the rest of their college career". The finals will be shown live on ESPN.

Heroes of the Dorm, as it's called, starts with open qualifiers on March 28. proceeds to a single-elimination round of 64 on April 11, and concludes with a showdown among "The Heroic Four" in late April. The four teams that make it to the final stage will all win gaming PCs with HotS peripherals and accessories

If you want to enter, you and your team mates can sign up on the TeSPA page. HotS is in closed beta at the moment, but registering a team of five will grant you free access. If you make it to the final 64, each team member will get $40 Battle.net balance cards so you can buy the heroes you need.

If you're not a student, you can still win things by predicting winners using the fantasy brackets feature. That opens on April 3 when the top 64 teams have been decided. The best five predictions can win gaming PCs, along with 25 randomly selected entrants.

That's a pretty amazing first prize, and the i7, GTX 960 PCs are not to be sniffed at either. Here are the detailed rules and regs for entry, and bear in mind that if you're a fourth year student, you can still win up to $25,000 to pay off debts. GLHF!

Tom Senior

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