Help get Civilization 4's Baba Yetu into Classic FM Hall of Fame

Classic FM's Hall of Fame is alright. Sure, Shostakovich's Piano Concerto No.2 in F Major shows some promise, and Rachmaninov's Rhapsody on a theme of Paganini truly is a piece of music about something. But we can't help noticing that Civilization 4 theme, Baba Yetu, is nowhere to be seen. As the most uplifting composition ever attached to a game about crushing your enemies, it deserves recognition.

Okay, so it's already won a Grammy . But it needs MORE recognition. Who could fail to be moved by immortal lines like "Baba yetu, yetu uliye, Mbinguni yetu, yetu, amina!" It really is a lovely bit of music, as you can hear above.

Classic FM are currently holding an open online vote for new submissions to their Hall of Fame, kicking off a campaign to get as much videogame music as possible into the list. A Facebook page has been started, which you can join and "like" to show support, and you can cast your vote in the Classic FM Hall of Fame chart on the Classic FM Hall of Fame chart vote casting page . Voting ends on February 29. Worth a shot, no?

Tom Senior

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