Help Badass Santa save Christmas in Killing Floor 2 Christmas update

The mention of Christmas guides our imagination to the rich aroma of hot cocoa, the charred sweetness of roasted chestnuts, and the cozy fireplace surrounded by our loved ones. The centuries-old tradition provides a chance to cherish peace, harmony, and unity.

Unlike normal, sane people, however, Tripwire Interactive believes that the Christmas spirit is best embodied through the blood and gore of Killing Floor 2. To celebrate the jolly holiday, it’s releasing the Twisted Christmas: Season’s Beatings content update free to Killing Floors 2 owners. Those who have yet to experience the enthralling bloodbath can play the game for free between December 6th to December 10th. The game is also on sale on Steam for 67% off throughout the holiday season.

If its name isn’t a dead giveaway, Killing Floor 2 is themed around killing Zeds, which are grotesque hellspawns bred from a botched science experiment. Like machine gun fire, action in Killing Floor 2 hits in long, sustained bursts. A short pause between enemy waves alleviates the tension of combat, though it must be spent wisely to upgrade and resupply for the upcoming round - where even stronger enemies await.

But not even a Zed genocide can stop the jolly Christmas spirit. Santa - rather, the more brutal and slightly maniacal Badass Santa - has a few words to say about who’s naughty and who’s nice. Voiced by Gary Busey, Badass Santa merrily clears Zed hordes under the mistletoe with his shiny new Thompson SMG, Krampus battle axe, M32 grenade launcher, and the Fireaxe. He’s more than happy to lend them to other character classes, too, provided they ask nicely.

If you prefer to be soothed by Gary Busey’s voice while you’re stuffing ammo into your sock, then you're in luck. He provides his services for free as the Trader in Santa’s Workshop map. It’s best to heed his advice too, as he offers insightful tips on which upgrades to purchase.

You’ll of course be decking the halls with the Zeds innards, and for the Christmas season, there are two new halls that need decking. Players can take the fight directly to Santa’s Workshop, or fight their way through rabid shoppers (kindly played by Zeds) in Shopping Spree.

Despite being destined to perish under your heel, the Zeds are still dressing up for the occasion. Prepare to be assaulted by hordes of ice spirits, zombie elves, dismembered gingerbread men, and chainsaw reindeers.

A few special guests are dying to take the joy to other games. In a special XMas crossover, players who own both Killing Floor 2 and Road Redemption also get Hans Volter and DJ Scully as playable characters in Road Redemption. In addition, they also receive the exclusive Road Redeemer chained bat for the Berserker class.

If you know gamers who also prefer demolishing zombies over decorating the Christmas tree, throw them into Killing Floor 2. It fully supports coop with up to six players. Note that the game can get insanely challenging, so gear up, good luck, and have fun.