Hearthstone's new Tombs of Terror solo adventure has begun

The new Hearthstone solo adventure Tombs of Terror officially kicked off today with the release of the first chapter, The Lost City of Tol'vir, which sees League of Explorers hero Reno Jackson doing battle with the wicked Plague Lord of Murlocs.

Plague Lords have "gigantic persistent health pools," meaning that you may not be able to knock them out the first time you encounter one—but courtesy of the "persistent" part, any damage you inflict will carry over when you face them again. This Plague Lord also brings surprise Murlocs to the fight—that's right, "surprise Murlocs"—in the form of cards for both players and bosses that, when drawn, summon a random number of Murlocs to the board.

On the upside, the new dual-classes heroes—Reno is a "Relicologist" who combines the abilities of a Rogue and a Mage—should give players a bit of an edge against these new foes, as will the "signature treasures" that can be unlocked by completing challenges and runs.

Tombs of Terror: The Lost City is live now and free for all Hearthstone players. Subsequent chapters, beginning with a throwdown between Sir Finley Mrgglton and the Plague Lord of Madness in Scorching Dunes, will be available for $7 each or bundled together (there are four in total) for $15.

Andy Chalk

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