Hearthstone's new Monster Hunt mode is now live

Hearthstone: The Witchwood's single-player Monster Hunt mode is now live, meaning that it's time for intrepid adventurers to venture off into the dark forest to seek fame and fortune in battle against a horde of monstrous beasts. 

The Monster Hunt mode sets players off as one of four unique hunters, each with their own unique hero power and OP cards. The intrepid quartet are in pursuit of the villainous Hagatha (who you'll likely already be familiar with as a Shaman class legendary in The Witchwood set). 

Each hunter offers a quest that, when—or if—completed will earn you a free card pack from The Witchwood. Each successful quest will also unlock the next quest in the series, and completing them all will lead to the final, fateful showdown with Hagatha—but the special quests will only be available until July 26, so don't dawdle.

Hearthstone lead mission designer Dave Kosak talked about some of the new features in Monster Hunt last week, including some of the new, upgradeable Monster Hunter class powers, and how decks will grow more powerful as the hunt progresses. Blizzard has also doled out a trio of "Mysterious Missives"—part one, part two, and part three—that reveals more about what awaits in the deep, dark woods. 

Our resident Hearthstone surpremo is somewhat hungover today but is bravely testing the new mode out regardless. Initial impressions are that it's very similar to Dungeon Run so far, but with some sweet new cards (that are only playable in this mode) to do degenerate stuff with. We'll have more sober impressions tomorrow. In the meantime, a-hunting for more info you can go at thewitchwood.com.

Heeeeere's Hagatha!
Andy Chalk

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