Hearthstone expansion Curse of Naxxramas's last 15 cards revealed before release

We really like Hearthstone here at PC Gamer. Like, a lot . So the impending release of Curse of Naxxramas , its upcoming expansion, makes tomorrow feel a bit like Christmas. Blizzard has let us open one of our presents on Christmas Eve by posting images of the last 15 cards to be released in their upcoming expansion. This brings us to the final total of 30, and brings our excitement to a peak.

Until this point, Blizzard has shown us one card at a time, giving us a week or so to pick it apart with minute detail, but with all 15 being announced at once there is a lot to go through. There are a ton of unique mechanics, like the Stoneskin Gargoyle and Echoing Ooze, which could plow the way for whole new deck types on their own. There are also a few cards that will help bolster some current decks that need a little more love, specifically the Mad Scientist could help secrets see more play. Then there are cards that absolutely scream “arena” at the top of their undead lungs, like the Sludge Belcher and the Spectral Knight.

Blizzard also posted an image of the card back you will receive for completing Naxxramas in Heroic Mode, along with the ranked reward card back for August.

We won't get our hands on all of these right away, though. Blizzard plans to release one wing of Naxxramas, probably around 6 cards, each week until all five wings are out. Our minds are already racing with deck ideas and interesting ways to combine these new minions (I'm thinking Auchenai Soulspriest plus Zombie Chow). You can check out all of the cards to be released in Curse of Naxxramas over on the Hearthstone Facebook page and let us know what you plays you come up with.

Tom Marks
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