Hearthstone changing card packs so you'll never get duplicate legendaries

There's nothing worse than seeing that shimmering golden glow under a card in a Hearthstone pack, only to flip it over and see it's your fourth copy of Millhouse Manastorm. Thankfully, Blizzard is making that feeling a thing of the past. Starting with the next expansion, you will never open a copy of a legendary card you already have. 

It's small but impactful change to the opening card packs, and one that's sure to make a lot of people happy. As game director Ben Brode points out in the video above, you'll now also be able to craft the legendaries you want with confidence, as you won't risk opening it shortly after. You'll still be able to open a golden version of the card if you don't have it yet, but let's not get too carried away with RNG dreams here.

[Update: You actually won't be able to pull a golden copy of a legendary you already have until you've collected every legendary in their non-golden forms, as confirmed here.]

This comes with two more small but welcome changes: the first being you'll also no longer be able to open more than two copies of the same card in a single pack. To be clear, you can still open duplicates of non-legendary cards you already have, but not more than you could even use in a deck in the same pack. The other change is that you'll now be guaranteed to open a legendary card within your first 10 packs of a new expansion, which should help alleviate the F2P woes of some players.

This all comes in preparation for whatever the next Hearthstone set is, but Brode seems as excited by it as always. If you're wondering which legendaries you should start crafting with this newfound power, check out our list of the 20 best legendary cards. And you can read more about the pack changes here.

Tom Marks
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