Hawken: the indie shooter set in an astonishing sci-fi megacity

Whaaaat. The team behind Hawken, this ridiculously good-looking futuristic shooter, are a tiny indie studio who made what you see here in just nine months. TIGSource say Adhesive Games are only nine people, including an artist from the similarly gorgeous aborted fantasy game Project Offset. What they've accomplished is ridiculous.

The game's going to be a first-person multiplayer shooter - most of what you see here is taken from a third person spectator mode, but we do get a glimpse of it being played in-game at the end. The movement of the mechs looks a little rough in places, but we don't know how far out this is yet. All we know is that its environments are already more artistically and graphically exciting than most mainstream games. Come on, guys, give the multi-million dollar triple A studios a chance.

Stupidly pretty shots follow.

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