With $550 off this might be the best value gaming PC for 1440p right now

Skytech gaming PC angled view with RTX 4070 Super on background
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Skytech Shadow | Nvidia RTX 4070 Super | Intel Core i5 14400F | 32 GB DDR4 RAM | 1 TB NVMe SSD | 650W PSU | $1,899.99 $1,349.99 at Newegg (save $550)

Skytech Shadow | Nvidia RTX 4070 Super | Intel Core i5 14400F | 32 GB DDR4 RAM | 1 TB NVMe SSD | 650W PSU | $1,899.99 $1,349.99 at Newegg (save $550)
It's rare to see a gaming PC at this price that runs not only an RTX 4070 Super but also a current-gen CPU and 32 GB RAM. This rig should play modern titles at 1440p resolution with ease.

Skytech's prebuilt gaming PCs often hit us right where we like them to: in the easy-on-the-wallet market segment for mainstream PC gamers. None of this "spend an extra $500 for more RGB" nonsense. Just solid value budget and mid-range builds.

This RTX 4070 Super Skytech Shadow gaming PC is one such build. It's currently $1,350 on Newegg, that's $550 (28%) off. And make no mistake, this machine's RTX 4070 Super is definitely its primary selling point for this price. 

The RTX 4070 was already a decent graphics card for 1440p and even some 4K gaming, but the RTX 4070 Super solidified its place in the midrange to high-end GPU market. This graphics card had the biggest boost to its CUDA core count out of all the Super cards that launched this year, up from 5,888 to 7,168. 

It beats AMD's main offering, the RX 7800 XT, in this price bracket, and of course you get the whole slew of Nvidia benefits such as DLSS 3.5 and better ray tracing performance. Its 12 GB VRAM is a little lower than AMD's 16 GB VRAM offerings, but 12 GB should be enough for the majority of today's games at max settings.

This Skytech Shadow gaming PC doesn't skimp on the rest of its specs, either. For $1,350 you're getting an Intel Core i5 14400F, 32GB DRR4 RAM at 3200MHz, and a 1TB SSD. 

The Core i5 13400F features on our list of the best CPUs for gaming, and the Core i5 14400F is essentially just a 13400F with a higher (albeit mostly pointless) boost clock. It features six Performance-cores that can boost up to 4.6 GHz, which is all the grunt that's really needed for gamers on a budget. It can certainly hold the 4070 Super up in modern games, and it has four additional Efficient-cores for some extra multithreading chops.

The 32 GB (2x16 GB) RAM should be more than enough for pretty much any modern game, too, although this is DDR4 RAM so you won't get the hair-raising speeds of the latest and greatest RAM sticks. I personally use 32 GB DDR4 RAM in my own rig (at roughly the same speed as the 3,200 MHz sticks in this machine), and can confirm DDR4 is still perfectly suitable for modern gaming.

All this is by-the-by, anyway, because any sacrifices on the memory front are more than made up for by the sheer grunt of the RTX 4070 Super, delivering performance akin to the previous-gen's top-tier RTX 3080 Ti. For well shy of $1,500, Skytech's offering a solid deal, here. It should be enough for any PC gamer to sink their teeth into.

Of course, you might also want to check out the range of offerings in Amazon's upcoming Prime Day gaming PC deals. Amazon isn't the strongest on entire PC builds but other retailers will be joining in with the fun and offering discounts, too.

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