Here's our first look at Halo Infinite multiplayer

Halo Infinite will have free-to-play multiplayer, Microsoft re-confirmed at its E3 conference today. Also confirmed: Grappling hooks are in, Brute choppers are back, and Capture the Flag is still the best multiplayer game mode in the world (okay, they didn't say that in the footage, but it's true).

Microsoft showed off an exciting montage of Halo Infinite multiplayer action today with a lot of the series' staple sandbox items appearing.

There's no release date specified yet, but it's coming "Holiday 2021." There are a ton more details to go through at the Halo blog.

Here's what stood out to me in the trailer:  

  • The Brute Chopper, Banshees, Ghosts, the Mongoose, Scorpion tank and Warthogs all return
  • It looks like there's a new human flying vehicle that looks like a compact fighter jet
  • Spartans can slide like in Halo 5
  • There's still sprinting
  • Grappling hooks in multiplayer! You can grab an explosive barrel and chuck it, grapple hook a weapon into your arms, or grapple to the ceiling to give yourself a big jump
  • The shotgun looks new and sounds *meaty*
  • Gravity hammer and energy sword are both back
  • There's a heavy machine gun that looks new (or possibly a rework of a previous weapon)
  • A Spartan fires off some kind of energy pulse from one arm, and at another point a Spartan pulls up a shield with their arm to reflect a plasma shot. This looks like a new take on Armor Abilities?
  • Frag grenades'll still kill ya
  • The announcer is back, and at one point says "Bank shot!" when a Spartan gets a kill by bouncing an energy weapon off the ceiling
  • BR confirmed
  • Armor customization looks very varied
  • Oddball is in, and it's a gnarly lookin' flaming skull
  • You can use grenades to knock weapons towards you, just like in the old days
Wes Fenlon
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