Guild Wars continues Winds of Change trilogy, doesn't ask for a dime

Winds of Change 9

Guild Wars 2 may be hogging the spotlight, but that doesn't mean its predecessor is quitting, you know, life . Currently, Guild Wars is smack dab in the middle of its Winds of Change update trilogy, which is itself part of the Beyond trilogy. I know, I know: it's a loregasm for longtime fans, but confusing as hell for everyone else. Here, however, is what you need to know: there's free stuff incoming today - and tons of it at that.

Part two of the Winds of Change saga - which should go live any second now - brings with it 11 new quests, five new respawn zones, and a menagerie of other scenes scattered all about. In case you're curious, the respawn zones are Bukdek Byway, Shadow's Passage, Shenzun Tunnels, The Undercity (because every good MMO needs at least one), and Sunjiang District. Meanwhile, the story - according to a recent announcement - goes a little something like this:

"With the Jade Brotherhood and the Am Fah facing the might of the Ministry, the gangs are forced to retaliate with brutal and destructive force. With the violence escalating, the people of Cantha begin to wonder of the price of security worth the cost. As the Ministry ascends in power and control, intrigue sets in as the people of Cantha begin to wonder at the true motives of the Ministry."

Damn those ominously named Ministries, always turning out to be malevolent manipulators. That's it: I'm starting my own Ministry. For orphan kittens. Orphan kittens with diseases. Which I'll use to fuel my giant metallic war machi-- Wow, wow. Guys, it's the name. "Ministry." It freaking changes people.

At any rate, Winds of Change part two should be available any moment now. Guild Wars fans, you know what to do.