Guild Wars 2 trailer and screenshots show off the Asura

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The Asura are the tiniest of Guild Wars 2's races, and the most likely to frolic around the place making merriment. They seem to live in a giant stone Rubik's Cube held together by magic and giggles. They do demand some respect, however, on account of their exceptional intelligence, engineering talent and tendency to roll around battlefields in giant magical mech suits with golem companions.

They've got quite a torrid history, too, detailed in the updated Asura page on the Guild Wars 2 website . The Asura used to live underground, until they accidentally burrowed into the home of an Elder Dragon champion known as The Great Destroyer. That did not end well. Now they live in gravity-warping palaces that hang above the planet and use their high-tech portals to travel from land to land.

ArenaNet reveal more about how they set about creating the Asura's extraordinary homelands in their Asura environments blog post . You can see how the concept art turned out in the five screenshots below, which also show some of their pleasingly stompy magical golems.

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