Guild Wars 2 race revealed: The Norn

Guild Wars 2 - The Norn

ArenaNet have launched Norn week. Every day they will post more information about the latest playable race in Guild Wars 2. The Norn are a race of shape-shifters that live in the icy lands of Shiverpeak. The Norn were originally seen in the Guild Wars expansion, Eye of the North. They're a huge and fiercely honourable race who can transform into animal hybrids to hunt.

So far ArenaNet have revealed a bit about the Norn temperament, saying that they're an honourable and optimistic race who pride themselves on their hunting prowess. They promise to play differently from the other Guild Wars 2 races.

Lore and Continuity Designer Ree Soesbee says “The norn are absolutely not 'big humans.' They have their own culture, their own ethics and morality. A norn seeks to master herself and drive her own body and soul to greatness through constantly testing her own physical limits.”

Guild Wars 2 lead writer Bobby Stein says “The norn starting experience is tonally very different from the human one. The happenings in Wayfarer Foothills, while dangerous, are more about hunting and celebration rather than outright war.”

Norn players will be fighting some unique foes in their homelands, including a race of giants called the Jotun, former slaves known as The Dredge, and a clan of rogue Norn who worship the Ice Dragon. You'll find more information on the new race on the Guild Wars 2 blog.

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