GTA 5 gravity gun mod is delightfully chaotic

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The latest slice of chaotic GTA 5 rule-bending comes courtesy of modder 'MatriZ'. It's called Gravity Gun, and, as you might expect, it adds Half-Life 2 style Gravity Gun functionality to Los Santos's playground of mindless violence.

Here, then, is the obligatory video of Mad Shit™ happening.

As you can see, it's a pretty rough-'n-ready script—both unpolished and containing a number of bugs and glitches. Still, it lets you fire things into other things, and that sounds like a fun time.

Unfortunately, GTA 5 modding is still in a pretty precarious place, thanks largely to Rockstar's refusal to offer up a clear statement on what is and isn't acceptable. A recent update seemingly stopped mods from working, but a workaround was quickly found. In addition, the game's Steam page is currently being flooded with negative reviews in response to reports that people are being banned for using mods in single-player.

That Rockstar would want to protect GTA Online is understandable—and some recent trouble with people running scripts online shows that something needs to be done. Given the wonderful mods that appeared for GTA 4, though, here's hoping Rockstar can find a way to avoid catching single-player mod users in the crossfire.

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