G.Skill's new Trident Z DDR4 RAM overclocks to 4500MHz

Whether your need faster memory or not, G.Skill keeps pumping out DDR4 modules at increasingly higher frequencies. Its newest addition is an "extreme speed" Trident Z memory kit rated to run at DDR4-4333MHz.

The new offering is available as a 16GB kit consisting to two 8GB modules. It takes 1.40V and has timings set at CL19-19-19-39.

While fast in its own right, there is some room to overclock, depending on your setup and level of expertise. G.Skill, which is very much involved in the overclocking scene, said it was able to run its new kit at DDR4-4500MHz in an Asus ROG Maximus IX Apex motherboard with an Intel Core i5-7600K processor. It had that speed without relaxing the timings.

At DDR4-4500MHz, the tested bandwidth resulted in a 55GB/s read speed, 65GB/s write speed, and 52GB/s copy speed in dual channel mode.

In time, G.Skill may release a DDR4-4500MHz kit, though it's not getting ahead of itself. Instead, the company is currently stress testing memory kits at DDR4-4400MHz in anticipation of releasing them to the public. The final specifications are still under development.

As for the Trident Z DDR4-4333MHz kit, retailers should have inventory soon. G.Skill unfortunately did not mention a price.

Paul Lilly

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