Grip is a Rollcage-inspired combat racer


There are some hot takes that are, frankly, too hot to take. But here at PC Gamer, we don't shy away from the stark, unvarnished truth. And so, I will say it: Rollcage was better than Wipeout.

Good thing, then, that Grip is an attempt to revive Rollcage-style racing. It is, in its own words, "inspired by the Rollcage games"—a phrase that pretty much means it's almost exactly like Rollcage.

Rollcage was a futuristic combat racing game featuring cars with giant wheels. Those cars, when at speed, could easily ride across walls and ceilings. You could ride along the top of a tunnel, but then the tunnel would run out and you'd fall back to the ground and just keep going. Okay, so that never made much sense—to continue moving in the same direction your wheels would need to instantly reverse rotation while maintaining the same speed. There's no way that doesn't rip your chassis apart.

Also there were power ups.

Grip is replicating many of Rollcage's features, including the original's fondness for drum 'n' bass. For more details, head over to the Steam Greenlight page, where you can also vote for the game's eventual release on that service. Personally I'm hoping for a resurrection of that Rollcage: Stage 2 mode where you had to traverse really thin, fiddly floating roads. Wait, no I'm not. Fuck that mode.

Phil Savage

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