Grey Goo launch trailer lays the foundation for the slimy RTS

Grey Goo

The more I hear it, the more I like the name 'Grey Goo'. It's unusual. It sets this old-fashioned RTS apart from games called things Act of Missiles or Conquer & Sever or Eugene Crompton's War in the Maldives. Grey Goo. Grey Goo. Maybe it will be commercial suicide—we'll have to wait and see—but you've won me over, Petroglyph Games. Grey Goo is out on January 23rd, and because it's not January 23rd yet, we can watch the launch trailer now.

Did you watch it? Yeah yeah, there's no game footage here, but you can easily find that on YouTube. Instead, the trailer gives context for the resource-focused war you're participating in, with the aid of Weta Workshop's accomplished CGI-ing. Would you look at all the pores on that alien guy! And really, any game featuring a scene where troops fire on a giant sentient blob is alright by me.

Grey Goo is being made by a lot of ex-Westwood Studios folks, and Rob Zacny was pretty impressed with it when he went hands on back in December.

Tom Sykes

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