Great moments in PC gaming: Trolling the villain of Jagged Alliance 2 by sending her flowers

Jagged Alliance 2

Developer: Sir-Tech
Year: 1999

Great moments in PC gaming are bite-sized celebrations of some of our favorite gaming memories.

It's the little things that often get the biggest smiles. Jagged Alliance 2 is a game of wonderful details. You don’t assemble your team via a boring menu, but a series of fake internet pages that pretend to be respectable organisations, but are actually a darkweb-style affair for spies and military contractors. Every mercenary you hire for your mission to free a small island from its tyrannical dictator Deidranna has their own personality and relationships in addition to their skills…

…and even that flower shop has a purpose. Not, as you might think, because it’s covering for some high-tech weapons plant or top secret Illuminati-style organisation. No, it sends flowers. And you can order flowers. And more specifically, you can send them to the villain.

Ah. You don’t get high-class trolling like that in many games.