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Grab MSI's MPG Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon AC motherboard for just $180

MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon AC
(Image credit: MSI)
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If it's time to go ahead and shell out for a new motherboard, but you don't want to spend your hard-earned cash on a top-of-the-line version, Newegg is running a seriously sweet deal on one that's currently going for its lowest price ever. 

Newegg has MSI's MPG Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon AC motherboard on sale for $190 right now (opens in new tab), which is $50 off the normal price of $240. That means you're saving 21 percent off of what it normally goes for. However, Newegg is also offering an extra $10 off the mobo with a rebate card, which makes it just $180. You'll have to wait a bit for your tenner back, but you're saving it just the same. 

The Gaming Pro Carbon AC features two M.2 PCIe connections with x4 bandwidth (reinforced with metal) as well as a few USB ports on the I/O panel for various uses. It also comes with Intel WiFi on board in addition to a 7.1 channel audio panel—a dedicated headphone amp that's a tasty treat for any higher-end headphones you want to support.

It also supports up to 64GB DDR4 4400 (OC) memory, so there's plenty of room to upgrade your RAM later on if you're figuring out where to save some money on your next build. And, of course, this model supports both 9th and 8th-gen Intel processors. 

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MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon AC Motherboard | $180 at Newegg (save $60) (opens in new tab)
Get this ATX motherboard for the lowest price it's ever been with the help of a $10 rebate card, making it a more competitive option for anyone building a new rig.

Of course, you should always shop around before settling on the hardware you really want, and that's why we've crafted a list of the best gaming motherboards (opens in new tab) you can get.

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