Gotham Knights is finally releasing in October

Batgirl and the Bat-logo
(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

After suffering a delay last year, WB Games Montreal has finally put a solid release date on the open world Bat family action Gotham Knights.

The game was originally set to release some time last year, but an update in March 2021 revealed that the game was being pushed back into 2022 in order to "deliver the best possible experience for players." Now, the developer has announced that Gotham Knights will release on October 25, 2022.

WB Games Montreal has been pretty quiet since announcing the delay, bar an October 2021 trailer introducing the villainous Court of Owls. Rumours around an upcoming release date had already started cooking up last week when a playtest for the game briefly appeared on Steam, before vanishing altogether (thanks, PCGamesN). Whether that playtest will be a publicly available thing or internal only remains to be seen, but it'll be interesting to finally get a glimpse of what the team has been quietly doing to the game during its delay.

Gotham Knights is set to follow some of Batman's protégées—Robin, Batgirl, Red Hood and Nightwing—after our Brucey allegedly ends up dead in an explosion. Despite being a WB Games endeavour, it's not related to the Arkham games.

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