Got a Blizzcon ticket and cash to spare? Buy some limited edition tat

Post Blizzcon sale thumbnail

I'm a sucker for official merchandise. Not so much t-shirts and hoodies but classy stuff like plushies and figurines. That's why the official post-Blizzcon sale has got me interested. These products might be overpriced (and some might qualify as girl-repellent) but they're official and limited in number.

The special merchandise is available from now until November 18 at 10 a.m. PT. To gain access to the items, sign into the site with your Blizzcon 2011 ticket, virtual ticket or Blizzcon 2011 Pay Per View pass. Then enter your credit card details and bankrupt yourself!

Let us know what's in your basket/wishlist in the comments. I want the Diablo 3 t-shirt featured in the thumbnail image, lots. Whoops! I just contradicted the first line of this post. Sorry.