Giveaway: Grab your beta key for new RTS Etherium (Update: all gone!)

Tindalos Interactive's Etherium is a throwback to the classic era of real-time strategy games such as Command & Conquer. The game will feature three playable empires, fighting each other to control the game's precious resource, also called etherium. As to be expected, each empire will have its individual characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, technologies, and special skills, such as climate control, espionage and precognition. Sounds like a classic RTS, and now you can see if the game lives up to the hype: We're giving away keys to Etherium's beta.

Update: Winners have been selected and all the keys are gone. Thanks!

We have 2,500 keys that we want to put in your hands. All you have to do is fill out the form below. Keys will be distributed to 2,500 random winners later today, as well as instructions for how to redeem the keys and join the beta.

The Etherium beta runs for two weeks, according to publisher Focus Interactive, and features:

  • Skirmish in tutorial.
  • 2 planets (6 in the final game)
  • 6 maps (24 in the final game).
  • Multiplayer and ranked games (1vs1 only / up to 2vs2 in the final game)

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