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Ghosts 'n' Goblins-like Cursed Castilla out now

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Spanish developer Locomalito makes pretty, and pretty authentic, arcade-style action games, and if you've not heard of The Curse of Issyos, Hydorah, or Maldita Castilla, then I know what you're going to be playing for the rest of this weekend. (Have fun!) That last one, a Ghosts 'n' Goblins-esque gothic platformer, has just been enhanced and extended by developer Abylight Studios; you'll find it on Steam here.

Cursed Castilla (also known as Maldita Castilla EX on some websites, confusingly) "adds two new chapters to the six of the original version, along with new weapons, enemies and music tracks," so says creator Locomalito. "It has several arrangements in design, graphics and sound, plus new display options, achievements, high score table and a codex with unlockable pages about the creatures and myths of the game".

Cursed Castilla can be found on Steam here, while the original—and plenty of other lovely freeware games—can be downloaded from Locamalito's site.

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