Get comfortable with noblechairs - the best premium gaming chairs money can buy

The conversation around PC gaming peripherals is often dominated by high-end graphics cards, 4K monitors and overclocked processors. Gaming chairs, on the other hand, tend to get overlooked. And given the amount of time we spend sat on our backsides in front of our screens, this seems ridiculous.

Millions of us across the globe spend on average five to ten hours a day sat on an office chair, sparing little thought to the detrimental effect it can have on our bodies. Not only do noblechairs offer lumbar support crucial for the lengthiest gaming marathons, they're the most stylish premium gaming chairs that money can buy. 

With being one of the only gaming chair brands on the market to have an ergonomic certification of DIN EN 1335 and BIFMA accreditation, noblechairs take it seriously when it comes to providing the best gaming chair for your body, poorly built chairs can cause long term damage to the back, eventually resulting in lifelong medical issues.

Take noblechairs' EPIC range, for example. Available in PU and real leather, boasting a timeless and classy luxury car aesthetic with colours seams, fine embroidery, and perforated contact zones for top notch aeration. Yes, that means keeping your cool during the most sweat-inducing, heart-in-mouth gaming sessions. 

On 60mm casters - suitable for both soft and hard floors - the EPIC range's sturdy frames consist of solid steel and provide an advance rocking system mechanism that tilts their two-pillowed base by up to 14 degrees. Likewise, EPIC chairs come with softly cushioned 4D armrests and flexible adjustments options for bespoke adaptability, with cold-cured foam that's comfortable, breathable and long-lasting - unlike the recycled scraps found in other gaming chairs. In short: Your noblechair adapts to your playstyle needs.

The ICON range from noblechairs leverages both ergonomics and precision engineering to deliver results. With 4D armrests, a robust 11 degree rocking mechanism and a backrest that's adjustable from 90 to 135 degrees, this chair supports weight of up to 180 kg and means business. 

While mechanical and material optimisations are integral to the ICON's performance, the shape this model projects is of utmost importance. With ergonomic stability and anatomical compatibility, comfort is maximised, pressure is minimised and performance is galvanised - as your ICON noblechair supports your body over long periods of time. Two embroidered pillows further support the needs of the ICON's user, providing both neck and lumbar support simultaneously.   

And if that's not enough for you, why not take your gaming to the next level by matching your noblechairs gaming chair with a noblechairs Footrest? The accessory's ingenious design means it can be adjusted by up to 57 degrees - ensuring it matches the angle of your ICON or EPIC recliner. In five luxury colour combinations, noblechairs footrests boast a variety of high class materials. Give new meaning to putting your feet up. 

Check out the full range of EPIC and ICON noblechairs ranges on the Overclockers website.