Gay marriage in Runes of Magic

runes of magic wedding thumb

In Runes of Magic's upcoming 3.0.3 patch, people can have their characters marry other toons, have kids, or get adopted, and - gasp! - you can even have your male character marry another male character.

Frogster are implementing a host of relationships within the framework of the Free to Play MMO, including family and bonds of friendship with up to 20 people - clearly a boon for the RP lovers, for whom the meek WoW-copying I somewhat thrashed it for might not matter as much as the ability to roleplay having a gay squeeze or a gruff uncle with angel wings. It's nice to think that this is a victory for gay rights, but it's probably just a ploy to get two buxom elf ladies to snog.

Play it here .

[via Kotaku ]