GameSpy technology allows indie devs to create for free

GameSpy are making their technology tools available to some users completely free of charge during an extended beta period. The GameSpy Open software will have its basic elements and features available to budding developers, enabling them to make titles without the high costs normally associated with game development. Read on for more details.

The scheme ensures that indie developers will not pay anything for the programming tools until their title accumulates a certain number of unique users per month, meaning aspiring developers with little funds can still start working on their big ideas without having to stump up a lot of cash first.

The GameSpy Open tools support cross-platform interaction, allowing developers to make games that work across every device, using the same programming system. This will mean developers can make games not only for the PC, but one that works across other formats including iOS devices, Android devices and the PlayStation 3. GameSpy singles out Dungeon Defenders as an example of how the company's technology has proved successful.

[via IGN ]