Starfield's Shattered Space DLC is finally going to shed light on the RPG's most interesting faction

One of the first things that interested me about Starfield before it launched was the revelation that there was a weird space cult who worshipped some kind of giant serpent. Why would astronauts believe in an eternal space snake? I couldn't wait to find out more about them.

Unfortunately, Starfield didn't delve all that deeply into the House Va’ruun cult, at least not enough for my satisfaction, and you couldn't join them like you could the other main factions. The RPG's best companion, Andreja, was a lapsed member, and there were some encounters and quests where you crossed paths with the cult, but they mostly just hissed and attacked on sight.

Starfield's first DLC, Shattered Space, is poised to explore the cult more deeply. In a new trailer shown at the Xbox Games Showcase today, it looks like it's all about the space serpent and includes a visit to their home planet. More good news: it's still coming sometime in 2024.

That's not all that was announced: an update for Starfield is planned for today, with "new locations, new gear, new bounties," and more, some of it coming from community creators. The trailer shows off space suits, an observatory module for your base, and other accessories. Most importantly for all the busy modders out there, the official Creation Kit is also coming later today, too, which will give them new tools for mod-making.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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