Get your friends for some horrific tomb raiding in Forewarned, which just hit 1.0

The burgeoning cooperative survival horror genre has a lot of entries, not all of them great—but the great ones, like Phasmophobia and Lethal Company, have really taken off. What's unexpected, then, is seeing one that did just okay in an Early Access launch become not just promising, but quite good, and then get a surprise full launch just last week.

Forewarned is that exactly. The indie 1-4 player survival horror game has players dive into ancient Egyptian ruins crawling with monsters, traps, and cursed treasure. "Investigate phenomena, collect treasure, discover lore, survive danger, and banish the evil that lurks within," says developer Dreambyte.

First released about three years ago, Forewarned was good enough to play but didn't quite pick up the cult following of other games in its genre—maybe because lots of people see "VR Supported" and turn away because they lack the expensive hardware. Either way, Forewarned does great in both modes, and hit its 1.0 release on April 25, 2024.

The Final Reckoning update includes a new big nasty to find, the immortal Ptahmes the Resilient. There's also two new maps, the deep mountaintop well of the Secret Temple of Ptah and the sandstorm-swept valley ruins complex of the Royal Outskirts. There's also a new set of procedurally-generated terrain, the Outdoor Ruins, that goes with both maps and comes complete with its own special, horrible little worm monster.

You can find Forewarned on Steam. It's developed and self-published by Dreambyte Games.

Cheers, Gamesradar.

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