The best Medium builds in The Finals Season 2

The introduction of the Dematerializer has shaken up the best Medium builds in The Finals Season 2, because you can be extremely clever with this bit of kit. The Medium class in general has a lot of tools at its disposal for whichever sort of playstyle you'd prefer, and while all three specializations are effective, the Guardian Turret is a little less helpful in the core cash-based modes, whereas it's better at defending the payload in Power Shift. So we have two Medium builds here, one focused on the all-new Dematerializer, with another that uses the classic Healing Beam.

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Infantry Soldier

(Image credit: Embark Studios)
  • Specialization: Dematerializer
  • Weapon: AKM or FCAR
  • Gadgets: Gas Mine, Pyro Grenade, Jump Pad

Our first Medium build is very jack-of-all-trades, with tools for every scenario. This is because the Medium class has lots of different tools available to it, so you can play multiple roles at once here. The Dematerializer is by far the most exciting part of this build however, as you can perform some incredibly clutch plays with it. 

The obvious uses are to delete a wall, shoot an enemy through it, then put the wall back before their teammates notice, or to flee from a fight when you're close to death when there are no open paths in front of you, but you can also manipulate the objective, such as dropping the cash out box through the floor to hijack it from enemies or throwing the cash to safety while you take on a fight.

As explained in our guide to the best guns in The Finals Season 2, both the AKM and the FCAR are solid assault rifle choices. The AKM has a faster fire rate with a bigger magazine, but the FCAR deals a little more damage per shot and has less recoil. It's really down to personal preference which one you go for, and it'll often depend on the map you're on, as the AKM is better suited to short range while the FCAR is more capable from the rooftops. If you want to get up close and personal, you could consider the Model 1887.

As this is a versatile build, the gadgets support that idea. The Gas Mine is sublime at helping to defend any objective - just chuck one down behind a doorway and it'll send any incoming enemies into chaos. However, you could opt for the Explosive Mine here if you'd rather. The same goes for the Pyro Grenade, though that's a little reactive rather than putting it down in advance. Finally, the Jump Pad is highly useful for traversal, more so than the Zipline because you can ascend much quicker with the Jump Pad, and some maps have a lot of verticality.

Support Medic

(Image credit: Embark Studios)
  • Specialization: Healing Beam
  • Weapon: AKM or FCAR
  • Gadgets: Defibrillator, Jump Pad, APS Turret

Any well-oiled team in The Finals should have someone playing a support role, and there's no better than being a medic as the Medium class. The Healing Beam is the starting specialization for the class and it's pretty straightforward: aim at your teammates and fire it to heal them. This is especially useful if you have a Heavy on your team focused on dealing as much DPS as possible, because since they already have loads of health, any enemies will essentially have to kill you before they can kill your Heavy.

The same decision between the weapons applies to this build as it does the other. The AKM may fare a little better here, simply because you're likely to be in the thick of it a bit more healing and reviving your allies, so you won't need the range of the FCAR as much, but it still boils down to personal preference.

The Defibrillator is an almost-instant revive tool. Any allies that have died will be highlighted on your HUD, so all you need to do is hold the fire button to charge the Defibrillator, then release it on a fallen friend to revive them. They'll have a few seconds before they come back into the fight, but it's so quick to charge and use that it's a no-brainer, and can even be included in the other build in favor of the Gas Mine or Pyro Grenade if you'd prefer.

Again, the Jump Pad is included for the same reasons as mobility is essential here, while the APS Turret is akin to a Trophy System from the Call of Duty series. It destroys any incoming projectiles, which makes it an absolute must in Power Shift, and still a useful tool in Cashout or Bank It. Ultimately, the Medium class is the most flexible of the three, and is the best choice for anyone who wants to do a little bit of everything, or primarily play as a healer.