The best Light builds in The Finals Season 2

If you're using one of The Finals best Light builds in Season 2, it's likely because you fancy yourself as somewhat of a sneaky player who prefers to deal a lot of damage instead of focusing on supporting your team. Not that there's anything wrong with that, someone has to do the killing in this murderous gameshow and the Light class is well-equipped to deal plenty of damage. 

It's essentially a glass cannon role and we have two vastly different Light builds here to suit your playstyle, both of which are capable of greatness if you can master the movement.

Invisible Aggro

(Image credit: Embark Studios)
  • Specialization: Cloaking Device
  • Weapon: V9S or M11
  • Gadgets: Smoke Grenade, Vanishing Bomb, Flashbang

Our first build utilizes either of the two picks we have for the Light class in our guide to the best The Finals weapons, the V9S or the M11. Either one of them is a fine choice; the V9S is a little better at medium range and if you can click on heads, it'll kill much quicker than the M11, but if you prefer getting in the thick of the chaos and you have your teammates also in the same gunfight, the M11 will serve you a little better.

This build is all about going invisible, because the Cloaking Device specialization is arguably the best in the entire game. Invisibility in The Finals isn't just a puny cloak like in some other games, you are almost completely impossible to spot, especially if you're stationary. It only deactivates when you fire a weapon, use a gadget, or take damage, and you can reactivate it before it's fully charged again if you need to. So it's the perfect tool to either flank behind enemies and take them by surprise or dip out of a gunfight if you're close to death.

Combine this with the Vanishing Bomb, which has the exact same effect except you can also use it on your allies, and the enemies won't know what to do. For additional cover we'd suggest also using Smoke Grenades, especially around the objectives, and Flashbangs are a simple combat aid to help you escape or win an engagement. If you're feeling extra confident in your ability to dip in and out of fights, you could also try using the Sword as your weapon, but you're obviously at a huge disadvantage if you're spotted at range.

Support Sniper

(Image credit: Embark Studios)
  • Specialization: Grappling Hook
  • Weapon: SR-84
  • Gadgets: Breach Charge, Sonar Grenade, Gateway

For a vastly different playstyle, the SR-84 sniper rifle is extremely powerful in the right hands. Of course, you need to be accurate with a gun such as this. There's no point wielding a sniper if you're not a sharpshooter, especially in a game like The Finals where most enemies are going to take multiple hits before they go down.

If you are using this build, you're not going to be in the thick of the action. Instead, you should focus on steering clear of the main battle sites and choose vantage points atop buildings where you can watch over your teammates and provide cover. In Cash Out and Bank It, you'll need to be on the move constantly as you find the best angles to fire at enemies your teammates are battling up close, whereas in Power Shift, you can take shots at enemies in and around the payload.

The Grappling Hook is preferred over the Cloaking Device here because it can get you up to those rooftops much quicker, while the new Gateway gadget in Season 2 is perfect for escaping if enemies get too close to your position. The Sonar Grenade will help you keep an eye on where enemies are, especially if anyone is about to snuff you out, while the Breach Charge can be used as an explosive deterrent.