Splodey is a platformer that 'does away with the jump button' in favor of magical propulsion platforming

If launching yourself face-first into a wall full of spikes sounds fun, then there's a new hellish platformer on the block for you. Splodey calls itself a platformer that "does away with the jump button entirely" because instead of leaping between platforms the way you'd expect, you'll use explosive potions to propel yourself through its deadly, sidescrolling levels.

Splodey launched earlier this week on June 4 and brought a new trailer with it to today's PC Gaming Show to demonstrate its magical propulsion-based platforming. As a tiny wizard, you'll hurl your explosive potions at the ground, walls, and obstacles to tactically yeet yourself through the world. Throw potions to break walls of vines blocking your path, soar over massive sections of lava, or propel your deployable parachute. 

As if to attack me personally, its trailer ends with "it can't be that hard?" because no, there is no doubt in my mind that it can totally be that hard. Platforming with a normal trajectory is tough enough for yours truly, let alone thinking backwards by slingshotting myself through every area. I can barely play billiards, please don't make me mentally calculate bounce angles in a platformer!

Despite how challenging it sounds, Splodey apparently won't totally punish you for not being a platforming pro. "Splodey features a gentle learning curve but offers enough depth to challenge even the most seasoned gamers," says the developer. "Infinite lives and instant retries mean you can experiment and explore without fear of losing progress."

If you are feeling competitive, though, it has friend and global leaderboards to compete on for times through each of its levels. If the rising lava level doesn't totally destroy you, seeing a friend beat your time just might.

Splodey is out now over on Steam where you can try your hand at explosive platforming.

Lauren Morton
Associate Editor

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